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Please send us your name, phone number, email address and level of interest and we will list your profile below. Most recent names are on the top of the list. To be added please contact us by email at When you are on a team please let us know so we can take you off the list to keep it current.

Alternatively we have agreed to be the test subjects for the "Play City" app which helps teams find subs of a similar ability more quickly. You can get more information about the app at

Rec. = Recreational Player
Int. = Intermediate Player
Comp. = Competitive Player
F = Fall
W = Winter
S/S = Spring/Summer
SUB = Substitute

(Updated regularly as the names come in - let us know if you want to be added)

Female Players Looking for Teams

Erin F. Int/Comp. Middle. Mon/Tues/Thurs. text 403-813-6153. email
Maria F/W. Intermediate. Any position but setter. 587-703-6660 email
Annelies V. S/S/F/W. Int/Comp. RS/Power (lefty) Available most nights. (403) 863-6089 email
Danielle B. F/W. Comp. LS/RS. 780-918-7342. email
Nicole L. Sp/S/F. Int. Any position but middle. Available most nights. 403-818-8858 email
Dana C. Su/F/W/Sp. Rec/Int. Libero preferred, or RS. Team or Sub. 403-613-1394. email
Sarah W. F. Rec. Any position. Looking to join a Sunday night rec team. 780-385-6106 email
Breanna S. Sp/Su/F/W. Int/Comp. Power/RS. Available most nights. 1-250-688-1264 email
Tiffany W. Sp/Su/F/W. Rec (preferred)/Int. Not a setter. Any night. 403.830.3192 (text/email preferred). email
Lizbeth S/S Comp. Middle or LS. Any night. 5215540250357 (Mexican student here till Sept.) email
Helena S/S/F. Int. from Germany. Any position but setter. Any night. 403 831-5094. email
Chloe Spr/Su. Rec. Any position. 587-707-2171. email
Rachel M. Sp/Su/F/W. Comp. L/S (preferred) or R/S. Text 403-671-6824. email
Taylor M. Sp/Su/F/W. Comp/Int. Setter. Looking for a team or sub. 306-843-8213. email
Kellie M. F/ W/ S/ S. Comp. indoor and beach. outside hitter. Kellie Maclean 403-680-5438. email
Candace S/S, SUB, INT/COMP, Power (preferred) or Offside, NO LATE GAMES, text 403 383-3588. email
Megan R. F/W/S/S: Intermediate (coed or women’s) – Setter/Right Side – Sub any night –(416) 858-4475 email
Evelyne Rose Sp/S. Rec. 403-903-3822 email
Sarah F/W/S/S. Rec/Int. co-ed and/or women's. Setter/Right Side/Middle Blocker, available any night of week. 647-529-0549 email
Kailie S/S, Rec/Int, Co-Ed, Team, Power/RS, Available Sundays. email
Lisa S/S/F/W. COMP. Middle or outside. Available to play almost any day of the week at any time. 403-909-6918 email
Maria S/S/F/W. Rec/Int. Power/RS. Sub/Team. 306-612-1182 Maria email email
Angel W/S/S. Int. Power. Sub any night but Wed. 403 708-0626 email
Shannon B. F/W/S/S. Int. Setter. Avail Tues, Wed, Thur, Sun. 403-992-4142 email
Megan S. F/W/S/S. Int. Setter or rightside. Played ACAA in University for 3 years. Available for Team or Sub most days for for Co-ed or Women's League. Text 587-777-0657. email

Male Players Looking for Teams

Paul S/F/W. Int/Comp. Middle/Power. Available any date. Text 403-852-2637. email
Dwane H. F/W/Sp/Su. Int./Comp. Power or Setter. Sub Anytime. 403-477-0069. email
Jan F/W/S/S. Int/Comp. Setter. Available Sundays for subbing anytime. phone 403-473-3984. email
Kyle F. Comp. Offside. Any night. Text 780-268-3452. email
Michael Sp/Su. Comp. Any position but setter. Available any night. 587-968-4518 email
Faramarz Summer. Competitive. Prefer power but able to play middle too. SUB. (403) 680-8643 email
Taylor L. Su. Int. Power/Ace or setter. 403-689-2623. email
Tim R. Sp/Su/F/W. Intermediate level, Any night, Any position Looking for a team or to sub. 403-809-7727 email
Chris Y. Sp/Su/F/W. Rec/Int (Int preferred). 587-889-4435. email
Vernon Sp/Sum. Rec/Int. Anything but Setter. Sub available most nights and able to do short notice. Text 780-394-6139. email
Kenneth S/S. INT/COMP Indoor and beach. Setter / Power. SUB Available Mon-Thurs. Text 403-512-7967. email
Clark S/S. Int/Comp. Middle/Power. Can play any position. SUB or Team. Available Sun, Mon, Tues. 403-690-7747. email
Steve G. Sp/Su. Comp. Setter. Call or text 403-796-7263. email
Sergey S/S. Comp/Int. Middle/Power. Team/Sub. Any Night. text 403-399-1588. email
John T. Sp/Su. Int. Libero preferred but can play any position. Available any night with 1 week advance notice. 587-897-2612 email
Tony S. S/S/F/W Int. Middle, but flexible. Recent transplant from BC. Team or Sub. Available any night, and on short notice. Text/call 604-612-6297. email
Myles Sp/Su. Int. RS (preferred) or Setter. 250-442-7365. email
Ahmed W/S/S. COMP. SUB. Outside . Available Mon, Tues, Wed - Phone#: 587-894-4549 email
Mohammed Sp/S. Int/Comp. Any position. Any night. 403 616-5721 email
Chris S/S/F/W Int. Any position. Any night. 587-897-6488. email
Kevin F/W/S/S. Comp. Comp Prefer power but able and willing to play anywhere. SUB. (403) 863-0520 email
Sam F/W/Sp/Su. Comp. Middle or Offside. 403-400-5591. email