the VolleydomeVolleydome League Rules

FIVB International Rules see here.


If you win a game you get a point. Games before the time limit are to 25 (capped at 25 - winning by 1 point in the first or second game is OK). If a team wins the first two games the score is recorded as 2-0. If both teams win one game then the score should be 1-1. If the buzzer goes during the middle of a rally you finish the rally you are in. If the game is tied after that rally, then you must play 1 more point to determine the winner of that game. If there is a tie after 2 games the teams can start a third game, but if neither team has at least 5 points and and a lead of 1 point when the buzzer goes in the third game then the match will be recorded as a draw and each team will get 1 point on the standings (i.e. a score of 4 to 1= tie, a score of 5 to 0 = win, a score of 8 to 7 = win). Match wins will now be worth only 2 points whether they are in 2 games or 3.

Our leagues are 10 - 16 weeks in length. The first half of the season will be round robin format, followed by tiered play and then play-offs. Your team will be ranked and placed in a tier after the round robin play so they will be playing against teams of similar caliber. Playoffs will take place during the last 2 weeks of the league.

The scheduler makes every attempt to give an even distribution of early and late playing times.

Each team plays 2 consecutive matches within a 95 minute period. There is a 15 - minute warm-up period allotted prior to the first match only, followed by 2 x 45 minute matches. A buzzer will sound to end the allotted time for each match. If you are in the middle of a rally, finish the rally, then the game is over. If the game is tied after that point, then play 1 more point (only) to determine a game winner.

There must be a minimum of 2 women on the court and 5 players at all times. If your team has only one female and 4 (or more) males then you must play with only 5 players, playing as if the 6th (female) is on the court taking up a front row spot in 3 rotations and losing a point when it is her turn to serve. If you have 2 females and 3 males then play normally with no missed serves or points.

To be eligible for playoffs, a player must have played regularly during the regular season.

Matches are best of 3; the first 2 games to 25 capped at 25, and the 3rd game (if necessary) to 15 capped at 15, or until time runs out.

Captains are responsible for recording their wins on the white board. Please remember to record your results.** IF NOT RECORDED we will try to contact the 2 teams to get a result - if we don't hear back, IT WILL BE COUNTED AS A TIE **

All Volleydome leagues are run by the honor system. Please call your own net faults and ball touches. As of this Fall we are using the current FIVB net touch rules, which, as written in the 2015/2016 Official FIVB Rules are as follows:

  • 11.3.1 Contact with the net by a player between the antennae, during the action of playing the ball, is a fault. The action of playing the ball includes (among others*) take-off, hit (or attempt) and landing.
  • 11.3.2 Players may touch the post, ropes, or any other object outside the antennae, including the net itself, provided that it does not interfere with the play.
  • 11.3.3 When the ball is driven into the net, causing it to touch an opponent, no fault is committed.
*"Among others" would include setters/blockers who touch the net while playing or attempting to play the ball.

If you have any positive suggestions for improving schedules or rules, we would love to hear them!


If you use a sub (player that doesn't normally play for your team) they must be there for the beginning of your match or else you must inform the opposition that they will be coming shortly. If they are not there by the start of the 2nd game then they are not eligible to play in that match. One player cannot play or sub for more than 1 team during any particular time period (ie. play for 1 team and then sub for another team during the same time period).


Be aware that if you have signed up for the league, you are committed to being there every week with 6 players. It is extremely annoying to league organizers and to your opposition if they come to play and you don't show.

If you have less than 5 players five minutes after the scheduled match start time then you forfeit the first game. If your 5th player shows up within 20 minutes then play the 2nd game normally. If you still have less than 5 players 20 minutes after the scheduled start time, then it becomes a match forfeit (if you have 4) or a default (if you have less than 4).

If you have 2 girls and 3 guys then play normally with 3 players allowed in the front row in each rotation. If you have 1 girl and 4 guys, then you must play as if you the 6th player (female) on the court. The 6th player automatically loses a point on their serve AND when the designated missing player is in the front row the team must play with only 2 front row players (i.e. during 3 roations when the missing girl would be in the front row).

If you have less than 4 players, this is a default.

**(NEW as of Jan.8 2013)** We had only 5 total defaults during the fall session (4 of them in one Sunday tiering). Defaults really don't seem to be much of a problem anymore so we are going to remove the default rule of $40 payment for drinks since teams don't tend to claim these anyway and teams that default always seem to have "unavoidable excuses" and don't tend to pay the default fees. So here is how we will word the new rule:
Teams that default once with no notice (by notice I mean at least one day so that we can try to reschedule or find a team to replace you) will not be included on the list of teams that get first chance to reregister for our next fall or winter league. Teams that default twice (even if they do give us notice) will be removed from the league immediately with no refunds.

For new team captains please note that on our website there is a section called Find Players/Teams and there are always a number of players listed on there that are looking to play so generally you can find subs for any given night if you are willing to plan ahead and send out a few emails or make some phone calls.

If an injury occurs during the match or during an earlier match on the same evening and this causes a team to have insufficient players, the match will be completed as if the team with the injury still has their injured player. ie - no forfeits or defaults due to injury of someone who showed up to play.

Team reps are responsible for finding out game times and communicating with their players. We will try to keep all schedules and standings as current as possible on the website


1. 5 minute warm-ups only! We need teams to get started so they have time for 3rd games if necessary.

2. Game 2 must be completed regardless of time. Game 1 & 2 are capped at 25.

3. Game 3 - Play full game to 15 if time allows. If the buzzer goes when at least one team has 3 points or more in game 3, then whoever is leading wins the match. If it is tied play 1 more point to decide the winner. If the buzzer goes when you are in the middle of a rally, then finish that rally and if it is tied after that, then play 1 more point to determine the winner. If the buzzer goes before either team has 3 points in the 3rd then you must keep playing until the first team gets to 3 points in the 3rd game.


If you have any further questions or concerns or even perhaps some positive feedback, please contact the Volleydome 403-284-3663 or email .