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2017 Heart and Hustle Recipients

2017 5 Year Athletes
2016 Love of the Game Award Winners
2016 Love of the Game Recipients

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2017 Love of the Game Award Winners

The two recipients of the 2017 Love of the Game awards are Matt Wong and Robyn Mellett. Both are truly selfless players who make their teams better by being amazing team mates. Both have played their entire club volleyball careers with Canuck and both come to practice everyday and give their all in effort and energy. When not practicing or playing you would often see them coaching the next generation of young players helping in a Dome Club tournament. We are very proud have had Robyn and Matt as part of our Canuck program and wish them all the best as they head off to University next fall!

2017 Love of the Game Award Winners

2016 Love of the Game Award Winners

Jennifer Oakes
After Jenn's accident last summer, it didn't take long until she could get a volleyball back in her hands and started dreaming and goal setting for her return to our team. She can't get enough of the sport and has overcome many obstacles and pushed herself harder than she ever knew was possible but has succeeded in reaching her goal of practicing and playing with us as a team.
She has also become a member of our Sitting National Team and just represented Canada in China and will be doing so again at the Paralympics in Rio 2016.
Congratulations Jenn!

Jakob Hamilton
Jakob has been part of our Canuck team for many years and is always open to getting better and trying new positions, new techniques and new tactics. He has emerged as a leader on his team and challenges his teammates to be better on and off the court. Congratulations Jakob!

2015 Love of the Game Award Winners

Rachel Solecki was our 2015 female recipient of the Love of the Game Award. Rachel played 5 years here at Canuck and consistently demonstrated a passion and dedication to her team and the game in general. Rachel definitely leads by example both on and off the court.
Our male recipient for 2015 was Nick Gibbon. Nick played 3 years here at Canuck, and was defined as a genuine team player whose love of the game was evident every time he walked into the Dome. Both Rachel and Nick are going on to Play post secondary volleyball. Nick at SAIT and Rachel at UofC.
Congratulations to you both and Best of Luck next season!

2014 Love of the Game Award Winners

Our two Love of the Game award winners share a lot in common besides the same first name! Both are passionate, skilled volleyball players and are known for their leadership skills and ability to elevate a team by setting an example of what hard work can accomplish. Both are going on to play post secondary (Alex Runge with MRU Women's team & Alex Protic with Capilano University). Congratulations and best of luck to both!

2013 Love of the Game Award winners

Congratulations to Claire Laurie and Joel Rosewarn for being selected as the 2013 Love of the Game Award recipients. Claire has been an exemplary Canuck athlete since her U14 year. She was always positive and wore a smaile no matter how hard the drill or practice, infact I think the harder they worked the happier Claire was and it was infectious. Much the same can be said for Joel who tried out for Canuck in his U16 year and has spent the last 3 years here working hard deveolping not only his own abilities but also at making his team better. As his coaches said, "Joel is the kind of player every coach wishes he a dozen of"Both Claire and Joel truely do Love Volleyball and will for many years to come.

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