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Canuck U18 Men, 2017 Provincial Champions Canuck U16 Girls, 2017 Provincial Champions Canuck U15 Boys, 2017 Premiere 2 Champions
6 year Canuck Athletes win Gold
Canuck U17 Women, 2015 SAVC Cup Champs
Canuck U16 Boys, 2016 Premier 2 Bronze
Canuck U14 Boys, 2016 National Champions

the VolleydomeWall of Fame - Club Championships

1998 & Prior Champions

1998 Canadian Open Men's Champions
1997 US Open Men's Champions
1996 Canadian Open Men's Champions
1995 Canadian Open Men's Champions
1994 Canadian Open Men's Champions (Gold and Silver)
1993 Canadian Open Men's Champions
1992 Canadian Open Men's Champions
1991 Canadian Open Men's Champions

Previous Championships:

Canuck Stuff Volleyball Club
Canuck Stuff Volleyball Club

Club Office Located inside the Volleydome
Club Administrator: Brian Gullekson
Phone: 403.973.7701
Office Hours M-F 9AM - 5PM

the Volleydome
The Volleydome

2825 24th Ave. N.W.
Calgary, AB. T2N 4L6
Phone: 403.284.3663
Open: Everyday 9AM - 11PM

Volleyball Stuff
Volleyball Stuff - Calgary Store

Located inside the Volleydome
Discounts for Canuck Members
Phone: 403-543-7543
Hours: M-S 9AM - 11PM

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