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2016 Saxton Scholarship Recipients

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The Saxton Volleyball Scholarship

Starting in 2008, the Canuck Stuff Volleyball Club has awarded scholarships to several of our graduating athletes who are continuing their education while playing volleyball at a post secondary Canadian institution. 

Each year, two female athletes and two male athletes may be selected for scholarships of $1,000 each. The purpose of the scholarships is to reward those exceptional individuals who have become role models for other athletes by their consistent pursuit of excellence in teamwork, leadership, commitment and perseverance. They must have shown a strong work ethic in both practice and game environments, good sportsmanship, and a positive attitude.  These athletes must have a good academic record, and have achieved a high level of volleyball skills, and, in most cases have been accepted to play at a Canadian College or University volleyball team.

The application for scholarship is based on a point system with the following criteria:

  • Number of years with Canuck Stuff Volleyball Club
  • Grade point average senior year high school
  • Registration to play volleyball at a university or college.  Preference is given to a Canadian institution
  • Recommendation and comments by Canuck Stuff Coach
  • Volunteering in the volleyball community

Applications for the scholarship are available from Brian Gullekson, and awards for the scholarship are given out at the graduating ceremony in June.

2017 Saxton Scholarship Recipients: Ryan Zachary, Mitchell Newman, Jackson Brennan, Randi Dalquist, and Maddy Williscroft.

2017 Saxton Scholarship Recipients
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