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Updated on 2012-10-24 10:26:49

It's become by far the biggest complaint around here. We can't get into your programs because they are full. The Winter Adult leagues starting in January are full with over 50 teams on the waiting lists and people are mad at us because they contacted us as early as September and didn't get in (we actually started the fall waiting list back in April and we had practically no changes from Fall to Winter leagues). The Winter Dome Club starting in January has 300 kids registered and we have stopped taking more kids on the waiting list after the first 100 put their names in. Canuck Stuff Club and Project 16 have filled all their program space here so there are another 170 elite players signed up to practice and play 3-4 times per week until next May. YES, WE KNOW WE NEED MORE COURT SPACE. We have actually proposed to the City that they let us build something bigger or something else here, but at the moment everything is on hold because they have a 10 year plan to develop this athletic park. You can see their proposal on the City of Calgary website under Foothills Athletic Park planning. We have 3 years left on our lease here and then it will become year to year planning until the City is ready to build. Then they will not renew our lease, we will clean up, and the Volleydome will become part of their parking lot. In the meantime, nobody is saying much to us, so sorry - WE KNOW WE NEED MORE COURT SPACE, but we can't help you with that unless someone has a good 3 acre plot for sale ... cheap??

Fall Youth Programs now open for registration

Updated on 2012-06-13 15:26:16

We have a new Dome Club for youth from grades 7 to 11 starting Sept. 15 and running until November 24 and a new Volleyball Academy for grades 4 to 8 starting on Sept. 18. You can Register online for either of these programs by going to the Youth page and clicking on Online registration on the bottom of the right column, or if you prefer you can download a registration form there. These programs tend to fill so please get your registration form into us ASAP if you want your child to participate. Summer Camps are also open for registration so again go to the youth page to see the schedules and to download a registration for or sign up online. Youth Page and it includes the link to the registration forms.

2012 Spring/Summer Adult League

Updated on 2012-03-14 16:29:27

We are now steadily receiving registrations for our 2012 Spring/Summer leagues starting this May. The Spring/Summer leagues don't generally fill up until very close to the league starting dates so this is a great opportunity for new teams to get into Volleydome leagues so they can continue in the leagues next fall and winter. The cost is also a lot cheaper per week than fall or winter so sign up with your $100 deposit and give us a try. To register phone Don at 403 284-3663 with your credit card #, stop in at the Dome and pay by cash, debit, cheque or credit card, or sign up online HERE.