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Winter Leagues 2011

Updated on 2011-10-06 10:06:05

We've made a change in signing up teams for Winter Leagues. By far the majority of our teams that play in the Fall leagues also want to play in the Winter leagues so this year we are saving Winter league spots for them all unless we hear different. By early December they will have to pay 1/2 their league fees for winter and we assume that a few teams will decide then not to continue. In the meantime we are taking waiting lists of teams that wish to replace them so if you are one of those then please let us know ASAP because when we do get spots opening up then, we will call replacement teams in the order of their placement on the waiting lists. For full league information about dates, prices etc. please read the Winter League info on our League Information Page under the "Adult" tab above.

Beach Blog

Updated on 2011-10-06 10:03:37

Volleydomer Ben Saxton began his beach summer with a 4th place finish in the Cayman Islands in April. Then he finished 2nd in Guatemala with his normal beach partner and after that the FIVB competitive season began in Brazil.

To follow his travels this summer go to

Coaches Needed

Updated on 2011-10-06 10:02:34

We are expanding our Dome Club program for kids from grades 6 to 12 here at the Dome and we are going to need some new coaches to help us make the program work. If we fill up this program again, then we will need 34 coaches who are excited about the sport. If you are interested in coaching please give us a call and we can find a team of exuberant young teens that need your help. The total time commitment will be about 60 hours of coaching mostly on either Saturday and Monday evenings or Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons from January to April. Pay will be about $20 per hour depending upon your experience and abilities.

If you are interested please email Don at